Who has 344 worked with?

Stefan G. Bucher
has also worked with
Does anyone even care about 344?
344 has received awards from
24th Annual 100 Show
Soundblast 1999
Soundblast 2000
Soundblast 2001 (Juror)
50 Books/50 Covers 2002
Annual No.80
Annual No.81
2002 Silver Award Winner
2002 Pencil Winner
2003 - 100 Show
TDC Typography 20

and has been featured in
as well as in the books

Is 344 expensive?

Is 344 too expensive?

Why is it called 344, anyway?

It's a strictly guarded secret. (Natch.)
But we'd love to hear
your best guess.

Tiny, yet heartfelt prizes ARE awarded
for the most creative (and possibly even correct) answers,
sporadically and entirely at our whim,
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