What is 344?

Art that will make you happy.
Art that will make your audience happy.
Or sad. Or MAD!!! Or mildly puzzled, then bemused,
then sort of sad, and then happy again.
Art that will add new dimensions to what you do.

344 can serve your needs through
on-site consultation or as a full service partner
from our cozy, yet fully wired Pasadena, CA office.

344 is headed by art director Stefan G. Bucher
and provides Beyond that we maintain a well-nourished Rolodex
of old friends and colleagues in photography, web design,
animation, music, film, account planning, finance,
immunology, modern history and critical philosophy.

You tell us what you need and we will assemble
a team of professionals specifically tailored
to your project.

Why is 344?

344 is here to help people that are passionate
about their product / music / cause
to create a visual identity that reflects that passion.
If you don't care about what you do, why should we?
More importantly: Why should your audience?

How can I get in touch with 344?
Just e-mail us: info@344design.com