A year after finishing work on the AP17 book I was invited to suckle on the nourishing teat of American Photography once more. It's been my honor and privilege to create the Call For Entries for next year's book - AP19 - around a fantastic photo by Tim Flach.

Wish but that I could show you this piece in it's full-size 38" x 11.5" splendor, instead of these measly 414 x 127 pixels. Then you could see the fine work on the 19 made from tiny silver arrows pointing onward. The masterful kerning. The finesse. You could delight in the tiny saliva bubbles on the fleshy high definition tongue. What a joy it would be.

But hey, if you wait until June of 2003, you'll be able to see it all in the pages of Clare Warmke's Colossal Designs to be published by HOW Design Books. It'll still be smaller than it should be, but certainly colossal compared to this representation.

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